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  • Python ISS

Satellite images & Analysis tools

We provide satellite images and analysis tools to be used for environmental impact studies related to light pollution. Our consultancy agency works with the Python ISS program which gave us the opportunity to develop our main product, NOKTOsat.

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  • Astrophysics

20 years of research

NOKTOsat is a spinoff from the Cities at Night project and resulted from more than 20 years of research in advanced scientific instrumentation and astrophysics. In order to assist in light pollution research carried out by the UCM – Complutense University of Madrid, NOKTOsat developed software that produces full radiometric calibrated images. These calibrated images have been essential to research collaborations such as the Cities at Night project involving NASA, ESA and various international research institutes.

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Easily accessible to the public

NOKTOsat Images have contributed to internationally acclaimed research that has been published in high impact scientific journals. We are convinced that the knowledge obtained through our calibrated images is valuable to society in general. Therefore, we want our data to be easily accessible to the public. Furthermore, in order to make future research in the field of light pollution sustainable, part of the profit of this company will go to further research projects focused on understanding the impact of artificial lighting on the environment.

Python ISS is the only verified program for calibration of NASA, ESA, JAXA, CSA and ROSKOSMOS images shot from the ISS – International Space Station by astronauts.

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  • Human´s & Ecosystems´ Health

Evaluate the impact of light pollution

This software was developed by Alejandro Sanchez de Miguel, an internationally recognized researcher, at the department of Astrophysics and Atmospheric Sciences of the UCM – Complutense University of Madrid. Savestars Consulting S.L. has the exclusive rights for commercial use of the software. The software allows us to calibrate images and consequently evaluate the impact of light pollution on numerous things such as human health as well as entire ecosystems. Furthermore, the Python ISS software is able to assist in the monitoring and detection of energy wastage and law violations regarding light pollution.

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